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Categories: Soil
product number: BS-1002
product name: GeoGauge
specification: ASTM D6758
producing area: U.S.A.

Compaction Uni formity via in-place Sti ffness Measurement

The GeoGauge® — H-4140
The GeoGauge is a unique, QC/QA field tool that can be used to measure the uniformity of unbound pavement layers by measuring the variability in stiffness throughout a structure. It is an excellent tool for identifying construction anomalies that would otherwise go undetected during construction where only density or percent compaction measurements were used.By measuring stiffness, the GeoGauge can reveal and thus help reduce variabilities in layer properties, which density measurements may miss, thus allowing corrective actions to be taken during construction to ensure that the highest quality base and subgrade are achieved despite variations in materials used.

ASTM D6758
Verifier Mass, 10kg— H-4140.20
Verifies calibration of gauge.
Infrared Data Cable— H-4140.12
Infrared (IR) serial interface adapter cable with spreadsheet software template


ASTM D6758 GeoGaugeGeoGauge ASTM D6758


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