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Static Data Logger

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Static Data Logger
Categories: Main Products
product number: BS-5026
product name: Static Data Logger
producing area: JAPAN

Static Data Logger
This product can receives the input signal from different transducer. It can handle 30 channel signal only need a host computer, the expansion box can determine 100 channels. LAN and RS232C socket can connect the UCAM-60A to PC.

Scan Speed
● 50ms/channel (standard mode)
● 280ms/channel (high-resolution mode)
● 20ms/channel (select high-speed mode)

● Display: Fluorescent Display, 128×64 point
● Print: Print System: Thermistor
                                      Paper Width: 58mm(24 point/line), UCAM-RP
                                      Print Speed: 60mm/s
● PC Interface: the same as PCMCIAVER4.2
                           ATA Flash Card
● Socket: RS-232C(can use transformed RS-USB)
●Power Supply: 85-264V AC,50/60Hz (AC operation version)
                            10-16V DC (DC operation version)
                             Note: the DC operation version have power control function

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