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Dynamic Variables Recorder/Analyzers System

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Dynamic Variables Recorder/Analyzers System
Categories: Main Products
product number: BS-5025
product name: Dynamic Variables Recorder/Analyzers System
producing area: JAPAN
Input Channel No.               EDX-2000A-32           max.32 channel
                                           EDX-2000A-64           max.64 channel

Number Input                      16bit, TTL Standard, Contact Point Input

Sound Input                        1CH(store the sound record when store the data)

Sampling Mode                   Full-channel Sampling Simultaneously

Sampling Frequency          1Hz-100KHz(1/2/5 series): max.32 channel 
                                           (64 channel 50KHz)
                                           1Hz-10KHz(1/2/5 series): handle simultaneously
                                           (refer to software specifications)

Data Store Capacity           above 4G

Display                               Built-in 10.4" Color LCD (display setting, graph/data)

PCMCIA                             PCMCIA Ver4.2 Standard

Power Supply                     AC100-120V/190-240V, DC10-30V
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