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Windsor HP Probe System

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Windsor HP Probe System
Categories: Main Products
product number: BS-2004
product name: Windsor HP Probe System
specification: ASTM C803,ACI 347-78
producing area: U.S.A.

For in-place strength testing of normal and high-performance concrete.


Features and Benefits
• New electronic measuring system enhances accuracy and efficiency.
• Measurement up to 17000 psi (110 MPa).
• Memory for data storage and uploading to PC.
• Safe: no accidental discharge and no recoil.
• Fast and economical use.
• Determines the developing strength of concrete; improves safety, ensures quality and reduces costs.
• Monitors the strength for rehabilitation as concrete ages.
• Conforms to ASTM C-803, ACI 347-78, BS 1881 #207, ANSI A. 10-3.

A. Actuating
Load the driver with a power load and probe suited for the type of concrete being examined. Place the driver firmly on the actuating template and fire. The locating template is then used to locate the probes at the corners of a fixed triangle. Normally, three measurements are required for consistent and statistically reliable results.
B. Measuring
The electronic measuring device is menu driven and programmed for selection
according to the following parameters.
• Aggregate hardness
• Light weight, normal, or HP concrete
• American or Metric units
The three individual tests are automatically averaged and displayed on the LCD in accordance with ASTM procedure. This data together with time and date of the test are stored in the memory for subsequent uploading to a PC. An extractor is supplied to facilitate probe removal after the test.
The Standard Windsor Probe System includes a depth gauge and 'Strength Chart' for determining the concrete strength.
This is an economical alternative for many concrete test environments.

ACI 347-78Windsor HP Probe  ASTM C803 Windsor HP Probe System
ACI 347-78 Windsor HP Probe SystemASTM C803,ACI 347-78

Sales Numbers & Specifications
Z-WP-1000             PSI Complete Windsor HP System
                                 with readings in PSI
Z-WP-1000             MPA Complete Windsor HP System
                                 with readings in MPA
Z-WP-534               Complete Windsor Probe Standard System
Z-WP-500               Driver Unit
Z-WP-700               PSI Electronic Measuring Kit
                                 with readings in PSI
Z-WP-700               MPA Electronic Measuring Kit
                                 with readings in MPA
U-PRS-01               Box of 75 Silver Probes and 75 Power Loads
U-PRS-03               Box of 75 Gold Probes and 75 Powder Loads

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