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SIR-20 Road Radar System

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SIR-20 Road Radar System
Categories: Main Products
product number: BS-5021
product name: SIR-20 Road Radar System
brand: GSSI
producer: GSSI
type: SIR-20
producing area: U.S.A.

● The world's first ground-penetrating radar using three-dimensional data processing software;
● Scan speed is No.1 all over the world;
● The weight of SIR3000 Portable Radar is lightest all over the world - only 4.1kilogram (including battery);
● Unique array antenna, and Tester Pathfinder using GPS location;
● Unique 14 Channel Radar, can make 14 lines, and the cover width can reach 1.8m




 Road Radar System  SIR-20



SIR Road Radar System  SIR-20  System


SIR20 Road Radar System
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